At Otter Products, we believe that our planet is both a shared resource and a shared responsibility. That’s why we’ve begun making meaningful changes to reduce our impact. And with our history of innovation, it’s a challenge we can tackle.


Our sustainable company journey started inside our own four walls — the space where we have the most control. We audited our practices and discovered key areas for eliminating waste, from the breakroom to the warehouse to the boardroom. The sum of each small change adds up to real reductions in our footprint.


Engineering is central to our success. To build the best products, we deploy the brightest minds. And we knew we could do better. So we challenged ourselves to rethink our design and manufacturing, adding recycled plastics into the mix. For OtterBox, we chose post-industrial recycled plastics (PIR) — scraps from the production floor. We’ve repurposed more than 1.4 million pounds as of the end of 2021. On the LifeProof side, we use PIR and ocean-based recycled plastics — retired fishing nets, rope and gear. To date, we’ve repurposed over 213,000 lbs. And we’re just getting started.


What houses our products is equally as important as what sits inside. So we picked apart our packaging, developing new cartons that are fully recyclable and eliminating almost all plastics. We’re also helping companies cut their packaging consumption. Liviri, our sustainable packaging brand, builds reusable,


Achieving sustainability is more a mindset than a metric. There are always newways to improve when you’re focused on continued reductions. That’s our goal — looking for ways to build smarter, run leaner and be greener as a company.